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The Waldorf education movement is rapidly growing in China. Looking back. In 2004, the first Waldorf school and kindergarten were founded in Chengdu, China.


Date: April 8th. 2022 Funding requirement of 3,750k to realize a therapeutic research and treatment center focused on holistic basis. The buildings will have a sustainable and circular status   Investment study will be conducted into the feasibility of a dialysis center  An attractive return on investment in green and natural perspective. Location in a nature reserve in the province of Utrecht, city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.   DNH Research

A new start was made in 2022 to develop a program in collaboration with Formal and Informal Investors on a professional basis that shapes our vision of sustainable and circular construction. 
In order to achieve a healthy return on investment, in addition to the new school projects we will also focus on real estate in a natural environment and built according to the new sustainable and circular principles.
For additional value, a program based on natural holistic alternative medicine will be implemented. 
This strategy concerns the participation possibility of already affiliated tehrapeutic practices within the Waldorf Community on an independent basis within commercially appropriate leissure objects.


Onafhankelijke bank met dezelfde visie.

Working towards a net-zero world | Lombard Odier

There will be massive investment opportunities. ... climate benchmarks or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data, ... Green Building the Future Waldorf Community 

 Project New Zealand. 

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